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We are on the edge of a new era for rare diseases drugs but translation from research to preclinical development is incredibly poor.

Ampleia's commitments


Lack of funding

Secure sustainable funding

Inject seed funding into preclinical developments to reach value-creation milestone

Lack of hard skills

Initiate the translation from Day 1

In-house project management team specialized in translation from research to clinics

Lack of entrepreneurial mindset

Ensure human factor is not a failure factor anymore

Coach the founders, support them through NewCo creation, secure the IP, BD and fundraising


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A relentless partner to address rare diseases

rare diseases

since 1958

550+ FTEs and 215k+ volunteers

€1.7b invested in R&D for rare diseases

Renown expertise

to develop programs
for rare diseases

Network of 6,000+ medical and scientific experts in rare diseases and across all technology modalities

38 clinical trials on-going or under preparation on 28 different indications

Up to 200 new research projects funded every year

An association with a proven track-record

as venture-builder

Creation of Genosafe in 2003 – CRO for gene and cell therapy

Creation of BIMR in 2013 with BPIfrance Investment fund for rare diseases and innovative therapies – 7 companies supported

Creation of Yposkesi in 2016 – CDMO for gene and cell therapy

Creation of Atamyo in 2020 – Gene therapy biotech for muscular dystrophies

Contributed to the creation of 600+ direct jobs